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Woman seeks millions in damages for nursing home negligence

Many Wyoming residents currently live in nursing homes or other assisted living facilities. Most have special needs or health conditions that require continual attention and care from staff members. Sadly, nursing home negligence has led to severe injuries, even death, in situations where nurses or other care providers failed to fulfill their responsibilities.

In another state, a lawsuit has been filed in the aftermath of an elderly man's death. The woman acting on behalf of his estate is seeking more than $2 million, claiming the man's death was preventable. The woman says the man's care providers were negligent, which she believes caused the injury that ultimately led to his death.

Nursing home negligence grounds for criminal and civil litigation

In Wyoming and beyond, many elderly people are at risk for injury when residing in assisted living facilities. Whether such injury occurs due to falls, medication errors or outright abuse, those afflicted are protected by law with the right to pursue justice in civil court. This type of litigation may take place apart from any criminal charges that might be filed following a particular incident. Nursing home negligence is a major problem in many permanent residence facilities and support networks exist to help concerned families address such matters.

When a decision is made to move an aging parent into a full-time nursing facility, it can be a highly emotional experience for all involved. Many people who enter nursing homes to live do so because they have pre-existing medical or mental conditions that inhibit their ability to care for themselves on a daily basis. Most families typically apply extensive research to the process of choosing a nursing home for a loved one.

Several convicted for nursing home negligence re patient injuries

A licensed practical nurse and two nursing assistants were supposed to be taking care of an elderly nursing home patient in another state. However, substandard care resulted in the 84-year-old woman's injury. This led to the three workers in question being charged with and convicted of nursing home negligence. Wyoming readers with loved ones in nursing homes may want pay close attention to review this case.

In 2016, the patient was confined to her bed for an entire night and part of the following day. Officials reported that the three workers claimed they had signed off on documentation saying they had gone in and out of the room to check the patient several times throughout the night. Surveillance film of the room told a entirely different story, however.

Nursing home negligence: Fatal medication errors a problem

Not every negligence situation in a Wyoming nursing home has to do with physical abuse. Nursing home negligence comes in many shapes and sizes, so to speak, with one recurring problem in many states having to do with medication errors. In fact, a woman in another state died after a nurse reportedly gave her an overdose of heavy narcotics.

The 65-year-old nursing home resident was known for her love of crossword puzzles. Those who knew her quipped that she always made sure to do her puzzles in ink. She spent the final days of her life enjoying her favorite pastime, then suffered an untimely, quite unexpected death.

Alleged nursing home negligence caught on camera

Many adult children in Wyoming lament the fact that they are unable to visit their elderly parents in nursing homes as often as they would like. Busy lives and other logistics make visiting several times a week nearly impossible. Allegations of nursing home negligence have some families gravely concerned. One can only imagine the horror of entrusting the care of a loved one to experienced nursing staff only to have that loved one suffer abuse at the hands of care providers.

Shocking and disturbing videos acquired after a hidden camera was installed inside the room of a nursing home patient apparently shows a staff member physically abusing a 94-year-old man. The man suffers from dementia and is not able to speak. The film allegedly shows a care provider forcefully trying to get the man out of bed.

Nursing home negligence problematic in some Wyoming regions

Many adult children are doing their best to help care for aging parents in Wyoming. Some people's parents reside full time in assisted living facilities. Not every son or daughter is able to visit a mother or father in a nursing home as often as he or she would like. This is why most people rely on the care given by nursing staff members to provide for the majority of their parents' needs. When nursing home negligence occurs, the results can be devastating.

What could be more upsetting than arriving for a visit at a nursing home only to find your loved one covered in bed sores or lacking appropriate hygienic care? Situations like this happen all too often in this state as well as others throughout the nation. In fact, some family members have determined that their loved ones' deaths were caused by substandard nursing home care.

Signs of nursing home negligence lead to police investigation

Nurses in Wyoming often witness patients suffering from serious adverse health conditions. One nurse in another state, however, says a recent situation was one of the worst she has even seen in her entire career. The patient happens to be her father, and she suspects nursing home negligence is the cause of his suffering.

The woman's sister recently visited their father, and she says she found him suffering from a very high fever. He was taken to the hospital the following day, and the events that unfolded from there have left many shocked and outraged. The man reportedly had several open wounds on his body that appeared to have been neglected.

Jury returns guilty verdict in nursing home negligence case

Many people in Wyoming are currently facing problems regarding assisted living facilities where their elderly loved ones reside. The problem is not limited to this state, however, as one particular incident in another jurisdiction shows. A patient is said to have suffered injury from nursing home negligence and a jury has weighed in on the issue.

The situation unfolded when a resident of a nursing home suffered a fall. This is not all that uncommon in such facilities. It seems that there is more to the story than that, however. A legal guardian of the patient accused staff members of serious wrongdoing, including that the man's family was not informed that he had fallen, and also that pertinent documentation and medical records were either lost or destroyed.

Is nursing home negligence suspicion spreading like an infection?

Finding just the right elder care facility for an aging or disabled parent can be quite the challenge. There may even be a long waiting list once an appropriate facility is chosen. The last thing a Wyoming family needs is to have a loved one harmed by nursing home negligence once he or she is settled into a new residence.

Infections are a major issue in nursing homes. From scabies to potentially dangerous situations that include MRSA or other infections, an adult child may grow concerned if he or she believes his parent's suffering has been caused by negligence. Since infections are common problems in nursing homes, it could prove quite challenging to show that a particular person's illness or injury was directly related to substandard care.

Where to find support for nursing home negligence problems

When an aging parent can no longer live alone and a family determines a need for nursing home assistance, it can be emotionally difficult. It may take months or more than a year to find a suitable facility that best fits the needs and goals of a particular family. Many people go on to spend the rest of their lives in assisted living care programs in Wyoming that they are very happy with; however, when nursing home negligence is a problem, life becomes anything but joyful; in fact, such situations can be fatal.

There are often signs that a parent may be suffering abuse at the hands of caretakers. If you know what to look for ahead of time, you may be able to stop a problematic situation from escalating. For instance, if you mother or father suddenly becomes despondent or appears disheveled or irritated whenever you visit, you may want to further investigate the situation.

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