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Abuse: Sexual/Physical/Emotional

Was Your Family Member a Victim Of Abuse
In a Wyoming or Colorado Elder Care Facility?

Nursing home residents are especially vulnerable to sexual assault, as well as physical or emotional abuse. They are powerless to prevent it, and less likely — or unable — to report it. The nightmare may go on for months.

Abuse may be the actions of an individual, but it should never happen if the facility is diligent with security measures, in hiring, and vigilant for the signs of mistreatment.

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If your loved one has confided in you or you suspect they are being abused, Rhodes Law Firm, LLC acts swiftly to end the abuse and secure justice. Contact us immediately.

Nursing Home Sexual, Physical or Emotional Abuse

Contact Rhodes Law Firm, LLC, if you suspect or are aware of any of the following:

  • Rape by a staff member
  • Sexual assault by another resident
  • Physical assault or rough handling of patients
  • Punishment, threats and emotional abuse
  • Unnecessary restraint or sedation
  • Other exploitation and abuse

Long term care centers and assisting living centers often deny or cover up the abuse. Our job is to discover the truth and hold the facility accountable. We have knowledge and expertise necessary to examine the nursing home's policies and procedures, and we scrutinize the hiring practices of the nursing home.

The Signs of Elder Abuse and Neglect

Victims of sexual assault, physical assault or psychological abuse feel fearful, violated and degraded. They may not tell anyone for fear of retaliation or not being believed. As they suffer silently, there are both emotional and physical effects. Symptoms of abuse include sudden withdrawal or depression, uncharacteristic lashing out, fear of a certain person, anxiety, loss of appetite and weight loss.

We're Outraged Too. We Want to Help.

Call us toll free from Wyoming or Colorado at 866-417-5938 for a free case evaluation. Attorney Diana Rhodes will offer you compassion, understanding, and support while she fights to bring the abuse to light, and to obtain compensation for your loved one.

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