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Nursing home negligence: Wyoming elderly may be vulnerable

When you help an aging parent transition to assisted living, you might have mixed emotions. On one hand, you no doubt take comfort in knowing that your loved one will be in a safe environment with licensed Wyoming caretakers to watch over him or her. He or she won't be forgetting to turn a stove off at home or wandering out into the neighborhood, not remembering how to get back home. On the other hand, you may have heard about nursing home negligence, perhaps, even know someone whose loved one suffered injury because of it.

Nursing home negligence: Does it make people wary?

In Wyoming and most other states, there are many families currently discerning whether an aging loved one might be better off in an assisted living facility. It sometimes takes months, even years, to make such decisions, and adult children of elders often conduct extensive research that includes in person visits to various nursing homes to help them choose. Sadly, nursing home negligence is problematic in many regions, which makes many elderly people, recovering surgical patients and others hesitant to transition to assisted living care.

Nursing home negligence: What Wyoming residents should know

There are any number of reasons a Wyoming family may determine it necessary to help a loved one transition to an assisted living facility. Some older people have medical conditions that interfere with their ability to live on their own. Others have suffered mental decline and must have supervision 24/7. Nursing home negligence is something that should never happen but, sadly, does happen across the country.

What to do with evidence of nursing home negligence

Perhaps you are like many other adult children in Wyoming who visit their aging parents in nursing homes as often as possible. Whether that, in your case, is once a month or several times a week, you no doubt worry about your loved one when you are away. While most caretakers provide high quality care according to state and federal laws and accepted safety standards, nursing home negligence still causes thousands of people illness and injury in this state and throughout the country every year.

Nursing home negligence: Understanding patient rights

There are a multitude of individuals in Wyoming and elsewhere who reside in a care facility, some of whom might require frequent monitoring and assistance. When a nursing home resident does not receive the necessary standard of care, his or her health may be placed at significant risk in the process. Individuals or families with loved ones who reside in a care facility may find it helpful to understand the rights afforded to patients and the next steps to take should nursing home negligence leave a person with serious injuries, or worse.

Nursing home negligence: When state inspections reveal problems

If Wyoming state inspectors assess the state of a particular nursing home, administrators should have nothing to worry about if the facility is doing its job and is adhering to all state laws and accepted safety standards. Sadly, nursing home negligence is problematic in this state and others. When substandard care is being provided, state inspections might not go so well.

How many Wyoming facilities affected by nursing home negligence?

There are many nursing homes in Wyoming. Residents in some facilities are elderly people who can no longer live independently due to mental or physical decline. Others may be living in nursing homes on a temporary basis, perhaps recovering from surgery and in need of short-term, rehabilitative care. While most care providers adhere to protocol and act in accordance with the highest level of accepted safety standards, there are also some workers who place residents at risk for nursing home negligence injuries.

Nursing home negligence: Investigation prompted by woman's death

Wyoming residents with family members who live in nursing homes may want to follow a case pending in another state. Patient safety is a top priority and loved ones often worry whether their elderly family members are receiving quality care in facilities in this state and across the country. One family is concerned that nursing home negligence may have caused their elderly loved one's death.

Nursing home negligence: What to do if the unthinkable happens

No Wyoming nursing home patient should ever suffer injury or illness because a licensed caregiver fails in his or her fiduciary duty to keep the patient safe. State laws, industry protocol and standards of care help protect patients by governing the performance of those who work in nursing homes. When nursing home negligence occurs, it is especially tragic because such incidents are typically preventable.

Nursing home negligence: Issues that warrant investigation

When a loved one resides in a Wyoming nursing home, it is important to regularly review his or her circumstances to make sure needs are being met and high quality care provided. If something does not seem quite right, it is always best to further investigate the situation. Sadly, many patients suffer serious illness or injury every year from nursing home negligence, and even fatalities have occurred.