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Nursing home negligence: Substandard care can result in death

There are numerous nursing homes and assisted living facilities throughout Wyoming. There are also state laws and strict protocols that govern and oversee the care of assisted living residents and nursing home patients. Sadly, nursing home negligence is highly problematic when facility employees disregard regulations or the law.  

Wyoming facility settles nursing home negligence case

Wyoming residents may be shocked to learn that a particular nursing facility in Casper has had six wrongful death/personal injury lawsuits filed against it in the past six years. A nursing home negligence case was recently dismissed from a U.S. District Court when plaintiffs and defendants agreed to settle out of court. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed to the public due to a confidentiality clause in the agreement.  

Physical abuse is only one type of nursing home negligence

If even one elderly person in Wyoming suffers physical injury at the hands of his or her care provider, it is one too many. However, physical abuse is not the only type of nursing home negligence. Many other situations can lead to devastating harm or, in worst cases, death. It is therefore critical to understand the kinds of issues that may constitute neglect and also, where to seek support if a problem arises.  

Support for victims of nursing home negligence in Wyoming

It's understandable that families of victims of substandard assisted living care may get angry and frustrated, especially if their loved ones have suffered physical injuries. Not only can nursing home negligence cause emotional and physical trauma, in worst cases, it can also cause fatality. Wyoming nursing home patients and their families may take comfort in knowing that experienced support is available to help them seek justice regarding improper care.  

Attention: Wyoming residents concerned re nursing home negligence

When a parent dies while in residence in a Wyoming nursing home, adult children may grow quite concerned if such deaths occurred unexpectedly or in circumstances that raise suspicion regarding quality of care. A man in another state is currently grieving the loss of his father. His grief is no doubt intensified by the fact that he believes nursing home negligence caused his father's death.  

Nursing home negligence may have caused fatality

A woman in another state said her grandmother was about two years shy of becoming a centenarian. Sadly, she did not live to age 100, and the granddaughter believes that is the fault of the nursing her where she lived at the time. In fact, the decedent's granddaughter has filed a lawsuit, alleging that nursing home negligence caused her grandmother's death. Wyoming families worried about possible neglect where elderly relatives are concerned may wish to follow this case.

Nursing home negligence doesn't always leave physical marks

More than a million people currently reside in nursing homes across the country, including in Wyoming. By the time people make transitions to such facilities, they often require specialized care and assistance to carry out their daily functions. In fact, many nursing home residents are beyond age 65 and can no longer care for their own medical or physical needs. Nursing home negligence remains problematic in many regions; however, recognizing the signs of abuse is not always easy because not all situations involve physical injury.  

Woman seeks jury trial for nursing home negligence

Many senior citizens in Wyoming are no longer able to care for themselves at home. Various types of medical or mental health conditions often prompt moves to assisted living facilities. Sadly, nursing home negligence plagues many such residences, as made evident by a recent case in another state. 

When appearances lead to nursing home negligence suspicions

Like most adult children of elderly nursing home residents in Wyoming, you probably keep your eyes and ears open whenever you visit your loved one. It's only natural you want to make sure your family member is being properly cared for and kept safe, especially since you can't be there every day. If you begin to notice some troubling issues and suspect nursing home negligence, there is no time like the present to take action to protect your loved one.  

Post-hurricane nursing home negligence case still in litigation

Hurricane Irma was devastating. Many people in the Wyoming had loved ones along the southeastern coast of the nation who were victims of the Category 5 storm system. Twelve deaths occurred at a nursing home facility. The tragedy led to litigation, as reported previously on this blog ("Nursing home negligence or consequences of natural disaster," Feb. 1, 2018). The testimony from those proceedings was recently published.