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Nursing home negligence problematic in some Wyoming regions

Many adult children are doing their best to help care for aging parents in Wyoming. Some people's parents reside full time in assisted living facilities. Not every son or daughter is able to visit a mother or father in a nursing home as often as he or she would like. This is why most people rely on the care given by nursing staff members to provide for the majority of their parents' needs. When nursing home negligence occurs, the results can be devastating.

Signs of nursing home negligence lead to police investigation

Nurses in Wyoming often witness patients suffering from serious adverse health conditions. One nurse in another state, however, says a recent situation was one of the worst she has even seen in her entire career. The patient happens to be her father, and she suspects nursing home negligence is the cause of his suffering.

Jury returns guilty verdict in nursing home negligence case

Many people in Wyoming are currently facing problems regarding assisted living facilities where their elderly loved ones reside. The problem is not limited to this state, however, as one particular incident in another jurisdiction shows. A patient is said to have suffered injury from nursing home negligence and a jury has weighed in on the issue.

Is nursing home negligence suspicion spreading like an infection?

Finding just the right elder care facility for an aging or disabled parent can be quite the challenge. There may even be a long waiting list once an appropriate facility is chosen. The last thing a Wyoming family needs is to have a loved one harmed by nursing home negligence once he or she is settled into a new residence.

Where to find support for nursing home negligence problems

When an aging parent can no longer live alone and a family determines a need for nursing home assistance, it can be emotionally difficult. It may take months or more than a year to find a suitable facility that best fits the needs and goals of a particular family. Many people go on to spend the rest of their lives in assisted living care programs in Wyoming that they are very happy with; however, when nursing home negligence is a problem, life becomes anything but joyful; in fact, such situations can be fatal.

Why aren't police being told about nursing home negligence?

Those doing their best to care for aging loved ones in Wyoming nursing home facilities may be shocked to learn of a reported ongoing problem patient advocates have brought to public attention. Most people know that nursing home negligence exists; however, new information suggests a surprising number of abuse incidents are never reported to police. Given the high number of injuries that send victims to emergency rooms each year, the lack of awareness police often have regarding such incidents makes one wonder why many people are not coming forward to report abuse.

Is nursing home negligence factor in loved one's brain injury?

It can be absolutely devastating to witness a loved one suffer from a serious brain injury. Many such injuries are caused by automobile accidents, military combat and medical mishaps, such as nursing home negligence or surgical errors. What may be important to most Wyoming families whose loved ones have suffered brain injuries is understanding the recovery process and obtaining justice if negligence is involved.

What you should know about dehydration

When people hear the term nursing home neglect, things such as bed sores, medication errors, falls and even elopement-related trauma likely come to mind. While these are all accurate depictions of this phenomenon, it's important to understand that it can also take more subtle forms.