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Post-hurricane nursing home negligence case still in litigation

Hurricane Irma was devastating. Many people in the Wyoming had loved ones along the southeastern coast of the nation who were victims of the Category 5 storm system. Twelve deaths occurred at a nursing home facility. The tragedy led to litigation, as reported previously on this blog ("Nursing home negligence or consequences of natural disaster," Feb. 1, 2018). The testimony from those proceedings was recently published.

When nursing home negligence results in patient abuse

No Wyoming family wants to think their loved ones may be at risk in the nursing homes where they reside. Many families spend months researching options before choosing a particular nursing facility for an aging family member. Most residences are staffed by properly trained, attentive workers who do their best to provide quality care for their patients; however, nursing home negligence remains a serious problem in some areas.

What's a family to do when nursing home negligence causes injury?

There are many good nursing facilities in Wyoming and throughout the nation. Most are staffed with skilled and dedicated workers who do their best to adhere to state regulations and high standards of care for their residents. There is also a darker side in many such environments, however, where nursing home negligence causes personal injury and family devastation.

Lack of transparency may enable nursing home negligence

Many Wyoming families are currently facing serious problems regarding substandard care of elderly patients in nursing homes. Some have already suffered devastating losses when loved ones succumbed to injuries suffered due to acts of abuse. Others suspect nursing home negligence but aren't sure where to turn for support to rectify their situations.

Nursing home negligence or consequences of natural disaster?

Many Wyoming residents closely followed headline news regarding Hurricane Irma. Irma hit the southeast coast of the United States not long after a similar storm raged through the southwest. During Irma, 12 patients died in an assisted living facility, and prosecutors say nursing home negligence was the cause.

Woman seeks millions in damages for nursing home negligence

Many Wyoming residents currently live in nursing homes or other assisted living facilities. Most have special needs or health conditions that require continual attention and care from staff members. Sadly, nursing home negligence has led to severe injuries, even death, in situations where nurses or other care providers failed to fulfill their responsibilities.

Nursing home negligence grounds for criminal and civil litigation

In Wyoming and beyond, many elderly people are at risk for injury when residing in assisted living facilities. Whether such injury occurs due to falls, medication errors or outright abuse, those afflicted are protected by law with the right to pursue justice in civil court. This type of litigation may take place apart from any criminal charges that might be filed following a particular incident. Nursing home negligence is a major problem in many permanent residence facilities and support networks exist to help concerned families address such matters.

Several convicted for nursing home negligence re patient injuries

A licensed practical nurse and two nursing assistants were supposed to be taking care of an elderly nursing home patient in another state. However, substandard care resulted in the 84-year-old woman's injury. This led to the three workers in question being charged with and convicted of nursing home negligence. Wyoming readers with loved ones in nursing homes may want pay close attention to review this case.

Nursing home negligence: Fatal medication errors a problem

Not every negligence situation in a Wyoming nursing home has to do with physical abuse. Nursing home negligence comes in many shapes and sizes, so to speak, with one recurring problem in many states having to do with medication errors. In fact, a woman in another state died after a nurse reportedly gave her an overdose of heavy narcotics.

Alleged nursing home negligence caught on camera

Many adult children in Wyoming lament the fact that they are unable to visit their elderly parents in nursing homes as often as they would like. Busy lives and other logistics make visiting several times a week nearly impossible. Allegations of nursing home negligence have some families gravely concerned. One can only imagine the horror of entrusting the care of a loved one to experienced nursing staff only to have that loved one suffer abuse at the hands of care providers.