Assisted Living Center Injuries

Who Was Keeping Your Loved One Safe?

Residents of an assisted living center do not require the same level of care as patients in a nursing home. But they are not totally independent. They still need supervision and assistance to keep them safe.

Assisted living injuries often trace to negligence of the facility and its staff. If you believe the center failed in its duty to protect your loved one, contact Rhodes Law Firm, LLC of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Ms. Rhodes has successfully represented individuals against assisted living centers statewide and in northern Colorado for injuries caused by negligence and abuse.

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Assisted Living Center Injuries Or Death

Individuals in assisted living may be at greater risk for neglect or abuse because the resident should require less care than is required in nursing homes. If any of the following incidents occur in an assisted living setting, you should visit with an attorney:

  • Wandering off (elopement) is common, especially with Alzheimer’s patients. Special care should be taken by the facility to prevent any resident from wandering.
  • Falling accidents are one of the most frequent injuries. Was the resident properly assessed for fall risk, and were the recommendations followed? Was there a safety hazard?
  • Bed sores are a common problem; pressure sores, or bed sores, occur when the resident spends too much time sitting or lying, without staff paying adequate attention to the resident, and monitoring the resident’s ability to move and transfer. Bed sores can occur if the resident is malnourished or dehydrated. If untreated, and without proper prevention, a bed sore will become progressively more serious, even causing death.
  • Malnutrition and dehydration occur when the resident fails to ingest adequate food for proper nutrition, or becomes dehydrated. Sexual assault by a staff member, another resident, or a “visitor” is more likely to go unnoticed.
  • Undiagnosed illness or infection is especially dangerous because delayed treatment may be life-threatening.

Was This The Right Facility For Your Family Member?

Assisted living injuries are an indicator that your loved one needs closer supervision, as in a nursing home. If your loved one suffered from neglect, an investigation must be conducted to find answers to appropriate questions, such as: Was there a proper risk assessment, were appropriate measures taken and followed to prevent the injury from happening, given the risk identified. Did the facility fail to recognize an obvious risk for your loved one? Was an assisted living facility a proper facility for your loved one, or did they need a greater level of care?

Diana Rhodes knows where to look to find the neglect or abuse: staffing levels and background checks; medical records and admission assessments; and security and patient care protocols. She pursues maximum compensation allowed under the law for the injury and the client’s pain and suffering, and takes pride in knowing that our advocacy prevents similar harm to others.

Contact us today to look into an assisted living injury. We provide a free consultation, personal attention and proven representation in this complex area of the law.