Negligent Care & Treatment

Did A Nursing Home In Wyoming Or Colorado
Fail To Diagnose And Treat Your Loved One?

Symptoms were missed. A resident’s complaints were ignored. A care provider failed to keep accurate records or pass important information to the doctor. And now the resident has a dangerous infection or advanced stage illness.

Do you suspect your family member’s serious illness or death in a nursing home stemmed from negligent care by physicians or nurses? Rhodes Law Firm, LLC will help you find answers to these questions, and if neglect or abuse is discovered, will assist you in obtaining damages allowed by law.

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Failure To Diagnose • Negligent Care And Treatment

For the elderly or others in a nursing home, undiagnosed illness or negligent nursing care is a serious danger. Weakened immune systems make early detection and treatment all the more critical.

Diana Rhodes is a powerful and passionate advocate for nursing home residents. An accomplished personal injury lawyer, she also worked for 15 years in the health care field. This experience is key in pinpointing the negligent care that may lead to a serious infection or illness. Diana will help you investigate whether your loved one’s injury was caused by any of the following:

  • Prolonged use of urinary catheters
  • Failure to change and clean IVs or wound dressings
  • Re-using syringes and other non-sterile procedures
  • Failure to prevent or treat bed sores
  • Failure to recognize symptoms of infection or disease
  • Failure to refer to a hospital or specialist

Urinary tract infections (UTI) are common in nursing home patients, especially those who are catheterized. A sudden change in mental state — confusion or depression — is a tell-tale indicator, but the infection may not be diagnosed until the resident is gravely ill. If you notice any change or alteration in the mental status of your loved one, bring it to the attention of nursing staff and physicians, ask for a thorough examination and testing to rule out an infection or other illness.

In a recent wrongful death case, Rhodes Law Firm uncovered negligent care at every turn. Despite high fever and other evidence of infection, the nursing home waited three days to send the patient to the hospital. By then, the patient was septic (infection in the bloodstream), and soon passed away. Early detection of the infection would have resulted in proper treatment, and prevented the death.

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