No One Should Go Hungry In A Nursing Home

Illness Or Death From Malnourishment Or Dehydration

Many nursing home residents do not get proper nourishment because they can’t or won’t eat. By law it is the nursing home staff’s responsibility to monitor each resident’s food and liquid intake, and to document the same.

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No Excuse For Dehydration Or Malnutrition

Each resident must be monitored for proper nourishment, and for adequate fluid intake. When a resident has a weight loss, the nursing home should investigate to find out the cause. Why has a resident stopped eating or drinking?

  • They are frail and need help eating.
  • They need their food to be chopped up or less dry.
  • Their special diet is ignored.
  • They are having difficulty swallowing.
  • The food is too salty or otherwise unappetizing.
  • An underlying medical condition has not been diagnosed.

Malnutrition can lead to serious and even life-threatening complications: skin disorders and bed sores, weight loss, depression, or weakness that causes falling injuries. Dehydration, without intervention, can cause organs to shut down.

I Learned to Be an Advocate
When my mother entered a nursing home, I learned to be her advocate to be certain she was getting proper care, nutrition, and support. No matter how dedicated the staff was, with frequent understaffing issues, residents’ needs were often unmet. I learned to never be hesitant to ask questions and to demand answers, and I learned to never assume anything about what the nurses or physicians knew. I learned that even properly trained nursing staff fail to see obvious problems. Only by becoming her strong advocate, with frequent questions and always demanding answers, is my mother able to receive the care she needs and deserves.

I bring that same assertiveness and knowledge to your nursing home negligence case. Our loved ones deserve so much better. — Diana Rhodes, Attorney at Law

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