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There is absolutely no excuse for nursing home negligence

Some Wyoming residents are more vulnerable than others. Elderly people are also often prone to illness or injury, which in some circumstances may lead to the need for a nursing home. If an elder suffers from dementia, he or she may be at risk for any number of problems, including nursing home negligence.

Negligent care in a nursing home should never occur. Workers are trained (or should be) to handle special needs situations. Mental illness can definitely make caring for patients challenging; however, under no circumstances is it acceptable to abuse a patient or provide substandard care.

Nursing home negligence: Staff should recognize mental illness

If an aging parent transitions to residence in a Wyoming nursing home, it may be one of the biggest life-changing events in that particular family's history. For adult children, it can be a highly emotional experience. A main concern for most sons and daughters is making sure nursing home negligence does not negatively affect their loved ones.

Mental illness often rears its ugly head in older nursing home patients. That is why staff members are trained to recognize symptoms and to take appropriate action to provide as high quality care as possible for any patient who is suffering from dementia or other mental health conditions. If a staff member fails to report a potential sign of patient distress or is aware of a problem and does not provide proper care, the patient in question is at great risk for injury.

Siblings say nursing home negligence caused mother trauma

When an aging parent must transition to assisted living, it can take an emotional toll on the whole family. It is often difficult for adults sons and daughter to entrust their parents' well-being to others. Sadly, nursing home negligence is a problem in Wyoming and elsewhere that is preventable and should not happen, but does.

A recent case involved a 91-year-old woman who reportedly suffers from dementia. Most of the staff members where she resides are aware of her distaste of hospital gowns. In fact, the gowns cause her high levels of anxiety.

Is it ethical to use webscams to deter nursing home negligence?

There is a controversy stirring in Wyoming and across the country. It has to do with webcams, more specifically, using them to deter nursing home negligence by installing them in residents' rooms to monitor goings on. A woman in another state did this when she was concerned about the quality of care her mother was receiving.

The woman's 75-year-old mother had a foot infection. Her daughter was troubled that it didn't seem to be getting better. In fact, it didn't appear that her mother was receiving any type of treatment at all. The woman wanted to see what was happening regarding her mother's care while she was not there, so she installed a webcam in her room.

Another nursing home negligence case

Many Wyoming nursing home patients need medication on a regular basis. It is critical that caregivers adhere to stringent protocol and regulations that govern dispensation of medication to avoid making errors. Nursing home negligence involving medication can be life-threatening to a patient.

In one woman's case in another state, the problem was not that incorrect medication had been given to her. The now-deceased woman's daughter says that the  problem was that no licensed caregiver was supervising her mother's intake of medicine. In fact, she was not taking her pills at all; she was hoarding them.

Nursing home negligence: Seeking justice for your loved one

Many Wyoming residents live in nursing homes. Perhaps a majority of such facilities house an aging population, many members of which have special needs due to failing mental or physical health. There are also many patients who are temporarily residing in nursing homes while they recover from surgery or injuries of some kind. In any case, no patient should ever have to worry about nursing home negligence.

In a perfect world, every licensed caregiver would provide quality care according to state laws and the highest level of accepted safety standards. The reality is that many workers are great at their jobs, but some are quite careless or neglectful. This type of worker places his or her patients at great risk for injury.

Nursing home negligence: It shouldn't be a problem but it is

A U.S. Senate report was recently released that should cause concern for any Wyoming family who has a loved one in a nursing home. The report cites evidence of nursing home negligence in hundreds of facilities throughout the country. It is a problem that should not exist. Sadly, many injuries occur every year that are later found to have been entirely preventable were it not for substandard nursing care.

In one nursing home, a man reportedly needed medical attention but his pleas for help went unanswered by staff members. The patient ultimately accessed a telephone himself and dialed 911. Emergency workers responded and took him to a hospital, but sadly, he did not survive.

Nursing home negligence: Convicted aid released from jail early

The son of a deceased woman in another state said it is too soon for him and his loved ones to be able to forgive a nursing home aid who was convicted of abusing his mother. Nursing home negligence is problematic in Wyoming and many other states. In this particular instance, the woman's son suspected that his mother was being abused, so he set up a hidden camera in her room.

Film footage showed a worker rough-handling the 78-year-old woman, even shoving her and pushing her face into the bed. That was more than seven years ago. The surveillance film led to a nursing home employee pleading guilty to abuse. She served seven and a half years of a 10-year sentence.

Has your family suffered damages due to nursing home negligence?

When a Wyoming nursing facility fails in its duty to protect a patient, he or she may suffer serious illness or injury as a result. The state allows victims of nursing home negligence to seek monetary judgments for damages incurred against those deemed financially responsible for their injuries. In worse cases, fatalities have resulted from substandard nursing home care.

If a recovering victim or immediate family member of a deceased victim wishes to file a negligence claim, it is essential to gather evidence to help achieve success in court. The plaintiff is tasked with convincing the court that negligence occurred and was directly responsible for the injuries in question. If an adult child of nursing home patient suspects that his or her loved one is being neglected, an investigation is surely warranted.

Wyoming victims of nursing home negligence can seek justice

No resident of a Wyoming nursing home or any other licensed care-assistance facility in the nation should ever be mistreated or neglected by caregivers. Sadly, however, nursing home negligence is a prevalent problem throughout the country. Immediate family members who suspect that a loved one may be suffering from neglect or abuse are wise to take swift action to further investigate such situations. 

If a resident of a long-term care or assisted-living facility has suffered injury due to abuse or neglect, he or she may file a personal injury claim in a civil court. In recent years, many tragedies have occurred where such injuries have proved fatal. However, justice may be sought by a surviving spouse or other immediate family member on a decedent's behalf.