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Facility in another state, cited for nursing home negligence

If an adult child suspects that his or her parent is not being properly taken care of in a Wyoming nursing home, it's possible to further investigate the matter and tap into legal resources available, as needed, to rectify the situation. Sadly, many incidents occur in this state and others where such situations are discovered only after it is too late. A man in another state, for instance, is grieving the loss of his father, who reportedly passed away from a sepsis infection that may have been caused by nursing home negligence.

The man said that emergency room workers told him that the bed sores they found on his father's body were the worst they had ever seen on a patient in that particular nursing home. The man's father had been a patient at the facility for several months during recovery from a stroke. When he entered the nursing home, his medical records show he did not have any bed sores.

Nursing home negligence may be conduct or policy-related

If your loved one resides in a Wyoming convalescent home or nursing facility, you likely worry from time to time about quality care issues. It's only natural that you want your family member to receive the best care possible so as to enjoy the highest quality of life he or she can in spite of any physical or mental conditions that might be present. Your loved one should not have to worry about suffering injuries because of nursing home negligence.

Sadly, it happens in this state and across the country. Workers fail to carry out their duties according to accepted safety standards or facility policies may be in need of reform because they place patients at risk. In either situation, if your loved one suffers from medical neglect, you may have grounds for filing a personal injury claim in a civil court.

Decedent's estate claims nursing home negligence caused death

Many adult children in Wyoming have parents living in nursing homes. While this may prompt changes and challenges in their visiting schedules, it is still possible for children and aging parents to enjoy time together and for elders to get the care they need to help them have as high quality of lives as possible, even if they have physical or mental conditions that impede their ability to function independently. Families often must rely on nursing home staff members to help them achieve these goals; sadly, nursing home negligence often reduces quality of life.

In fact, in worst cases, substandard nursing care results in death, as the estate of a woman in another state claims it did in her case. The elderly woman reportedly suffered several injuries at the hands of her caretakers, which ultimately led to her death, according to a recently filed complaint. The wrongful death claim seeks a monetary judgment for damages that include loss of companionship, comfort and care for the three adult children who survive their mother, as well as funeral expenses and other costs related to the tragedy. 

Daughter blames nursing home negligence for mother's injuries

Helping a parent transition to life in a Wyoming nursing home can be an emotionally fragile and challenging experience. Adult children want to provide love and support to their aging parents, which often includes entrusting their daily care to others. If such others include licensed professionals who fail to act according to protocol and accepted safety standards, adult children may find themselves filing nursing home negligence claims, as a woman in another state has done.

The woman is distraught that her mother suffered not one, but several falls while residing in a nursing facility. Sadly, the elderly woman suffered multiple fractures as a result of those incidents. In the daughter's claim, the woman asserts that had nursing staff provided appropriate nursing and health care services, her mother may have avoided injury.

Woman claims nursing home negligence killed her husband

It is not uncommon for people to die while living in Wyoming nursing homes. Some patients are quite elderly and simply pass away from natural causes. Others contract terminal diseases or other illness where complications set in, such as pneumonia. Sadly, nursing home negligence is also responsible for many patient deaths in this state and others throughout the nation, which is the worst type of problem because it is the most easily preventable.

One woman in another state said she believes her husband died because of the substandard care he received in a nursing home. The man entered the facility in 2016. His widow contends that, between that time and the day he died, he suffered physical injuries, as well as mental and psychological harm.

Nursing home negligence: A problem that shouldn't exist

When you helped your aging parent transition to a full-time assisted-living residence, you assumed he or she would encounter various challenges while adapting to a new lifestyle. Perhaps your parent was used to living independently, so you knew it would take a while to get used to having to depend on licensed medical professionals for his or her daily needs. However, one problem you did not expect to face is nursing home negligence. Sadly, if you are currently in a situation where you think your loved one is being mistreated, you are definitely not along in your struggle, as many other Wyoming families have experienced similar problems in the past.

One thing you undoubtedly don't want to do is ignore your suspicions. There is no harm in conducting further investigation if a particular issue is troubling you. However, your family member's well-being may be at risk if an undiscovered problem is not addressed directly and promptly.

Wyoming nursing home negligence often leads to infections

In Wyoming and other states, being admitted to a hospital, nursing home or other assisted living or medical care facility places people at risk for infection. Prevention programs may help decrease the number of nursing home negligence situations involving preventable infections that continue to occur throughout the nation. Patients can often be proactive in their own care regimes, which in some cases may help them avoid injury.

The elderly and those with compromised immune systems are at most risk for infections. Those who are age 80 and above often have weakened immune systems as part of the aging process. The fact that they are in their later years of life and have less immunity increases the chances that they will contract infection, especially if those caring for them are not acting according to the highest level of accepted patient safety standards.        

Grieving family files nursing home negligence lawsuit

Many adult children in Wyoming understand how worrisome and stressful it can be to have a parent undergo surgery and have to spend time in a rehabilitation facility afterward. Not every person can visit his or her parent as often as he or she would like. This means that families have to place significant trust in the medical teams and staff members who tend to the needs of their loved ones. Sadly, the number of nursing home negligence cases on file throughout the nation shows that things do not always work out as expected. 

The son and daughter of an 80-year-old woman in another state say they are completely devastated and haunted by the utter neglect their mother experienced in a nursing home. She was sent there after receiving tracheal surgery in order to recover more fully before going home. Sadly, that day will never come because she died; her children have since filed a wrongful death claim against the nursing home.  

Woman says nursing home negligence caused her infection

Many Wyoming residents live in nursing homes. For some, it is a temporary residence while they recover from extended hospital stays. Other people are full-time residents, often in their final years of life. In either case, residents depend on staff members to provide high quality care. Sadly, nursing home negligence is an existing problem in many facilities across the country.  

Substandard assisted living care is not isolated to this state alone. In fact, a woman in another state recently filed a civil court complaint stating that she believes a terrible infection she suffered was caused by negligent care. The woman was sent to reside in the nursing facility for rehabilitation after she had undergone surgery.  

Was your loved one injured because of nursing home negligence?

Those who live in Wyoming nursing homes entrust their well-being to their care providers every day. They should be able to reasonably expect that high quality care according to accepted safety standards will be provided, no matter how challenging a given situation might be. If a staff member leaves a patient unsupervised as needed or fails to provide hygienic assistance, food, water or other basic support, it can cause serious and lasting injuries to the patient. Such nursing home negligence is unacceptable.

Rhodes Law Firm, LLC, is fully prepared to act on behalf of any man or woman who has suffered illness or injury because of substandard nursing home care. Are you concerned about bed sores on your aging parent's body? Were you not satisfied with the explanation given when you questioned staff members about bruises or other injuries?