Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Injured By A Commercial Driver In
Wyoming Or Northern Colorado?

When a delivery truck, a bus or other large vehicle causes a collision, the people in the passenger vehicle are usually harmed, and suffer greater injuries.

The Rhodes Law Firm, LLC in Cheyenne has a proven record of holding commercial entities responsible for the negligent operation of their drivers. We have helped clients across Wyoming and northern Colorado maximize compensation for serious and permanent injuries, or the wrongful death of a loved one, from a commercial vehicle accident.

Personal injury lawyer Diana Rhodes brings 20 years of experience in accident litigation, and beneficial insights from her former career in health care. Contact her immediately at 307-634-4444 for a free initial consultation and aggressive representation.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents: Why Did This Happen?

We share the road with thousands of professional drivers carrying goods and transporting people to a variety of destinations. Are they qualified for the added responsibility of piloting a truck or commercial vehicle? We represent drivers, passengers or pedestrians injured in accidents involving:

Ms. Rhodes oversees a prompt investigation of the crash scene, witness statements and the conduct of the commercial vehicle driver. Was the driver speeding or driving aggressively to meet a deadline? Did he or she change lanes or back into our client without looking? Was the driver talking or texting on a cell phone or otherwise distracted? Before an injured person can receive compensation, the cause of the crash must be thoroughly investigated and these questions answered.

We also investigate driving records, employment records, and maintenance logs. The company has a duty to hire qualified, competent and safe drivers. When a company ignores its duties, people get hurt. At such times, an attorney should be consulted immediately, to allow an investigation before documents and information is no longer available.

Committed To Your Full Compensation

Diana Rhodes spent 15 years in patient care and hospital administration before she became an attorney. She understands your injuries, and works to ensure that your medical care and future needs are compensated, along with lost income and damages for the loss of quality of life.

We provide personal attention and help clients with all of the aftermath of a commercial vehicle accident. We can meet clients at convenient offices in Cheyenne or Fort Collins, or make other arrangements if your severe injuries prevent travel. Call 307-634-4444 or contact us online for a free consultation