Bed Sores (Pressure Ulcers)

Has Your Loved One Developed Bed Sores While In A Wyoming Or Colorado Nursing Home?

It is NOT normal for older people to develop pressure ulcers, more commonly known as bed sores. Few situations exist where a pressure sore is considered “unavoidable.” These painful and dangerous wounds are often a sign that the nursing home staff is not taking care of your loved one.

Rhodes Law Firm, LLC in Cheyenne stands up for the rights of nursing home residents throughout Wyoming and in Northern Colorado. We fight for monetary compensation for your family member’s injuries, pain and suffering, and we strive to encourage the facility to correct its pattern of patient neglect.

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If your loved one has developed bed sores — or complains that staffers are not helping them when they need help — listen carefully to your loved one’s comments and complaints. Do not accept what appear to be excuses offered by the care facility. Contact us immediately so that we can look into it and take action.

What Is A Bed Sore? Is It That Serious?

A pressure ulcer is a breakdown of the skin around the joints and bony parts of the body, such as the hips, tailbone, elbows and heels. The weight of the body cuts off blood flow, leading to tissue death. If untreated, bed sores only get worse. As they penetrate into underlying tissues, they become open wounds and commonly become infected. Advanced stage pressure sores are agonizing and difficult to treat, and often result in death.

Bed sores develop in people who are confined to bed or wheelchair and unable to move themselves. The nurses or staff should turn or reposition the person at regular intervals, at least every few hours. Malnutrition also contributes to pressure ulcers and inhibits the person’s ability to heal.

These wounds should never be acceptable — bed sores are avoidable 95 percent of the time, no matter how old or frail the resident is.

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