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Some statistics cite at least 80% of initial applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied. Was your initial claim denied? If so, you need an attorney who is familiar with Social Security disability law, the rules and regulations that resulted in your denial.

Rhodes Law Firm, LLC, in Cheyenne is the home of skilled, caring attorney Diana Rhodes. Since founding our law office in 1990, she has spent 20 years helping Social Security disability applicants obtain the benefits they deserve.

Because our lawyer has 15 years’ experience in the health care field, your medical records are carefully reviewed, and the reason for the denial of disability is determined. Our lawyer understands the nature of your disability, your physical limitations and restrictions, your possible mental limitations and restrictions, and how those limitations and restrictions effect your application for benefits. With an understanding of Social Security disability law, our lawyer then determines what additional information, if any, is available or must be obtained to meet the requirements of the Social Security disability law, and allow you to obtain benefits. We will work hard to get you qualified for benefits under the Social Security Disability, Retirement Survivors Disability Insurance or Social Security Income plans.

This particular legal process isn’t the simplest, to be sure. Applicants who aren’t aware of the pitfalls, and who do not have access to a skilled disability lawyer, are usually denied disability determination, no matter how legitimate the claim. Many give up, and do not pursue the appeal remedies available. Time is of the essence if you have been denied, you only have 60 days to file an appeal.

Don’t let this happen to you. We know the procedural technicalities of Social Security disability law, and the ways to correctly apply for benefits so your application can be properly processed.

When you contact our Wyoming or Colorado law offices, we will visit with you and make a fair assessment of the denial of your disability claim. Call us, fax or e-mail us today. 307-634-4444.

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You have probably heard or read news stories about limitations in funding for Social Security benefits claimants. You need a disability lawyer who will take the time to evaluate your claim and diligently work to get you disability benefits.

If you want our trusted Social Security disability law firm to appeal to the government on your behalf or simply to help you correctly apply for benefits from the very start, be in touch with attorney Diana Rhodes in Cheyenne or Fort Collins as soon as you can. At Rhodes Law Firm, LLC, we represent Social Security disability claimants on a contingency fee agreement – we only get paid if we are successful in getting you disability benefits.

We look forward to meeting you and learning more about you during your free initial consultation with the full-service personal injury offices of the Rhodes Law Firm, LLC.

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