Wandering / Elopement

How Did Your Loved One Wander Off From
Their Nursing Home?

Wandering off, also known as elopement, puts a nursing home or assisted living resident at serious risk of a tragic outcome. And in a properly run care facility, it should never happen.

If your elderly parent or other family member walked out of a nursing home unnoticed or suffered injury after wandering off from the facility, you should contact a lawyer.

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Nursing Home Elopement (Wandering Off)

The industry standard exist that each care facility is required to follow to prevent any resident from wandering off. The standards include physical facility requirements, as well as nursing care standards. When a resident escapes, they are in grave danger of falling, wandering out in a street, getting hit by a car, assault, or getting lost and suffering harm from weather exposure. It’s also terrifying for the person when they don’t know where they are and can’t find their way back.

Most residents who elope have dementia or a mental illness. It is unsafe for them to wander outside the facility unsupervised. In the event that a resident attempts to leave the facility, there should be an immediate alarm for the staff of the facility, to prevent the resident from leaving the facility.

Elopement can be traced to several factors and negligence of the facility. Attorney Diana Rhodes is persistent in pursuing the causes of such negligence, and is dedicated to obtaining sufficient damages. Contact us by phone, e-mail or fax for a free case evaluation.