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Wyoming has seen a huge increase in serious and deadly trucking accidents in recent years. A common thread in many of these crashes is the inexperience and negligence of the truckers at the wheel of a big rig.

Were you seriously injured in a tractor-trailer accident in Wyoming or northern Colorado? Before you answer any questions by the trucking company’s insurance company, or sign any documents, you need legal advice and guidance. Contact the Rhodes Law Firm, LLC for the advice and guidance you need immediately. The Rhodes Law Firm, LLC in Cheyenne has the experience and resources to hold trucking companies accountable for the devastation.

Contact us immediately at 307-634-4444 for a free consultation. Personal injury lawyer Diana Rhodes has 20 years of experience in personal injury law, including the catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths so common in truck accidents.

Proving Liability And Pursuing Full Compensation

Ms. Rhodes guides a swift and thorough investigation, and does not hesitate to hire investigators and accident reconstruction specialists to counter the trucking company’s version of events. From falsified logbooks to crash data obtained from the truck’s “black box,” we know where to look for evidence of liability.

Tractor-trailers are governed by strict federal and state regulations, but these rules of the road are often ignored in the pursuit of profit by commercial haulers. To meet their deadlines, drivers often speed, or exceed mandatory limits on hours behind the wheel. We are skilled at uncovering the negligence of truckers and their employers:

  • Fatigue, inattention and distraction
  • Speeding, unsafe lane changes or tail-gating
  • Use of drugs and stimulants
  • Poor maintenance and inspections
  • Overloaded or unsecured loads
  • Jack-knife crashes
  • Negligent hiring and training

Making the Road Safer

In a recent case, a family member was killed due to the negligence of the driver of an 18-wheeler and trucking company who hired him. The investigation by Rhodes Law Firm, LLC and its staff revealed that the trucker had serious medical problems that caused him to fall asleep behind the wheel of the semi tractor trailer. It was unsafe for that trucker to continue driving semi tractor trailers, and he retired from that profession, making the road safer for the public.

Our experience has taught us that the bigger the truck, the worse the aftermath. Attorney Diana Rhodes worked for 15 years in health care before her legal career. Clients benefit from her unique understanding of the severe injuries and the compensation required for months, years or a lifetime of care.

Interstate I-80 is one of the main trucking corridors across the U.S., including nearly 400 dangerous miles through Wyoming. We have also seen truck accidents on Interstates I-25 and I-90, Highway 287 and U.S. 191, and in Colorado on I-25, I-76 and Highway 85.

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The sooner you contact us, the better we are able to investigate and build a case for maximum damages. We take injury cases on a contingency fee basis — we are not paid unless we secure compensation for your injuries. Call 307-634-4444 for aggressive representation and caring attention in Wyoming or northern Colorado.