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May 2018 Archives

Nursing home negligence may have caused fatality

A woman in another state said her grandmother was about two years shy of becoming a centenarian. Sadly, she did not live to age 100, and the granddaughter believes that is the fault of the nursing her where she lived at the time. In fact, the decedent's granddaughter has filed a lawsuit, alleging that nursing home negligence caused her grandmother's death. Wyoming families worried about possible neglect where elderly relatives are concerned may wish to follow this case.

Nursing home negligence doesn't always leave physical marks

More than a million people currently reside in nursing homes across the country, including in Wyoming. By the time people make transitions to such facilities, they often require specialized care and assistance to carry out their daily functions. In fact, many nursing home residents are beyond age 65 and can no longer care for their own medical or physical needs. Nursing home negligence remains problematic in many regions; however, recognizing the signs of abuse is not always easy because not all situations involve physical injury.