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March 2020 Archives

Nursing home negligence: Understanding patient rights

There are a multitude of individuals in Wyoming and elsewhere who reside in a care facility, some of whom might require frequent monitoring and assistance. When a nursing home resident does not receive the necessary standard of care, his or her health may be placed at significant risk in the process. Individuals or families with loved ones who reside in a care facility may find it helpful to understand the rights afforded to patients and the next steps to take should nursing home negligence leave a person with serious injuries, or worse.

Nursing home negligence: When state inspections reveal problems

If Wyoming state inspectors assess the state of a particular nursing home, administrators should have nothing to worry about if the facility is doing its job and is adhering to all state laws and accepted safety standards. Sadly, nursing home negligence is problematic in this state and others. When substandard care is being provided, state inspections might not go so well.