Signs of nursing home negligence lead to police investigation

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2017 | nursing home negligence

Nurses in Wyoming often witness patients suffering from serious adverse health conditions. One nurse in another state, however, says a recent situation was one of the worst she has even seen in her entire career. The patient happens to be her father, and she suspects nursing home negligence is the cause of his suffering.

The woman’s sister recently visited their father, and she says she found him suffering from a very high fever. He was taken to the hospital the following day, and the events that unfolded from there have left many shocked and outraged. The man reportedly had several open wounds on his body that appeared to have been neglected.

The man underwent a left foot and right leg amputation earlier in October, and the nurses who tended him at the hospital say it appeared his surgery bandages had not been changed. The man’s daughter said police became violently ill when they saw maggots inside her father’s surgery wounds. She said she is outraged that even his most basic needs seem not to have been met at the nursing facility as he was found lying in his own feces before being taken to the hospital.

The nursing home negligence allegations against the facility are quite serious and remain under investigation at this time. This is definitely not an isolated incidence throughout the nation; in fact, chances are someone in Wyoming may currently suspect that his or her aging parent is suffering abuse or neglect at the hands of care providers. If so, an experienced personal injury attorney can help a concerned family member further investigate a particular situation and file a negligence claim in court, if warranted.

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