Nursing home negligence: Fatal medication errors a problem

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2017 | nursing home negligence

Not every negligence situation in a Wyoming nursing home has to do with physical abuse. Nursing home negligence comes in many shapes and sizes, so to speak, with one recurring problem in many states having to do with medication errors. In fact, a woman in another state died after a nurse reportedly gave her an overdose of heavy narcotics.

The 65-year-old nursing home resident was known for her love of crossword puzzles. Those who knew her quipped that she always made sure to do her puzzles in ink. She spent the final days of her life enjoying her favorite pastime, then suffered an untimely, quite unexpected death.

The narcotics given to the woman were very strong. On top of that, the medication was actually intended for another resident. It is not the first time this particular nurse has been accused of medication errors. In Arkansas, which is where the incident occurred, federal data shows that approximately one in every five of more than 230 nursing home facilities in the state have patient medication errors on record.

Nursing home negligence in any form can devastate lives. It is especially difficult for adult children to learn their parents have been abused or neglected by nursing staff. Anyone facing such trauma in Wyoming at this time may wish to consider filing a personal injury claim against any and all parties deemed responsible for a loved one’s injury or death in similar circumstances. An experienced attorney can help gather evidence to substantiate a claim and can present a plaintiff’s case in court.

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