Several convicted for nursing home negligence re patient injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2017 | nursing home negligence

A licensed practical nurse and two nursing assistants were supposed to be taking care of an elderly nursing home patient in another state. However, substandard care resulted in the 84-year-old woman’s injury. This led to the three workers in question being charged with and convicted of nursing home negligence. Wyoming readers with loved ones in nursing homes may want pay close attention to review this case.

In 2016, the patient was confined to her bed for an entire night and part of the following day. Officials reported that the three workers claimed they had signed off on documentation saying they had gone in and out of the room to check the patient several times throughout the night. Surveillance film of the room told a entirely different story, however.

The film is evidence that approximately 11 hours passed through the night without any of the three employees entering the room. Sadly, the workers’ deceit resulted in the elderly woman’s injury when she was bitten by ants as many as 100 times. Had her care providers checked on her, she might not have endured this great harm.

Nursing home negligence remains problematic in Wyoming and many other states throughout the nation. Families have lost loved ones who have suffered fatal injuries due to substandard care. Others have been thankful that their loved ones have survived, but they were devastated by the suffering their family members endured at the hands of those trusted to provide adequate care. Anyone in Wyoming who has suffered or whose immediate family member has suffered injury because of medical negligence may wish to consider filing a personal injury claim to seek compensation for damages through the civil justice system.

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