Nursing home negligence grounds for criminal and civil litigation

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2018 | nursing home negligence

In Wyoming and beyond, many elderly people are at risk for injury when residing in assisted living facilities. Whether such injury occurs due to falls, medication errors or outright abuse, those afflicted are protected by law with the right to pursue justice in civil court. This type of litigation may take place apart from any criminal charges that might be filed following a particular incident. Nursing home negligence is a major problem in many permanent residence facilities and support networks exist to help concerned families address such matters.

When a decision is made to move an aging parent into a full-time nursing facility, it can be a highly emotional experience for all involved. Many people who enter nursing homes to live do so because they have pre-existing medical or mental conditions that inhibit their ability to care for themselves on a daily basis. Most families typically apply extensive research to the process of choosing a nursing home for a loved one.

This is why it is often so devastating when a choice is made and a loved one winds up being neglected or abused by staff members in some way. Many have later described feeling as though they were completely betrayed. Sadly, not all nursing home patients survive their injuries, which can intensify the extreme grief and sorrow of such situations.

A spouse or other family member may be able to act on behalf of a person whose injuries are believed to have been caused by nursing home negligence. In Wyoming, Rhodes Law Firm, LLC, has successfully represented many nursing home residents who sought legal accountability against various entities following incidents that resulted in injury. If you or your loved one has suffered a falling accident, malnutrition, unexplained bodily injury or sexual or emotional abuse, you can request a meeting to discuss available options for pursuing justice in a civil court.