Woman seeks millions in damages for nursing home negligence

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2018 | nursing home negligence

Many Wyoming residents currently live in nursing homes or other assisted living facilities. Most have special needs or health conditions that require continual attention and care from staff members. Sadly, nursing home negligence has led to severe injuries, even death, in situations where nurses or other care providers failed to fulfill their responsibilities.

In another state, a lawsuit has been filed in the aftermath of an elderly man’s death. The woman acting on behalf of his estate is seeking more than $2 million, claiming the man’s death was preventable. The woman says the man’s care providers were negligent, which she believes caused the injury that ultimately led to his death.

The man had apparently been living in the nursing home in question for just two days. At some point, he is said to have fallen and broken his hip. The 99-year-old, who was prone to falling due to a pre-existing deteriorated muscle condition, was found lying on the floor of another resident’s room. Care providers say they did not realize his hip was broken until some time after they returned him (by way of wheelchair) to his bed. 

The man died several weeks later. The nursing home negligence lawsuit filed on the decedent’s behalf states his care providers were well aware of his compromised condition and should have taken steps to keep him safe; the claim asserts he might still be alive had they done so. Anyone in Wyoming concerned about similar issues in a nursing home may seek support from an experienced personal injury attorney.

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