What’s a family to do when nursing home negligence causes injury?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2018 | nursing home negligence

There are many good nursing facilities in Wyoming and throughout the nation. Most are staffed with skilled and dedicated workers who do their best to adhere to state regulations and high standards of care for their residents. There is also a darker side in many such environments, however, where nursing home negligence causes personal injury and family devastation.

Even one injury caused by substandard nursing care is one too many. Many people whose loved ones suffered from negligent care feel helpless and angry that they were not able to prevent their loved ones’ injuries. One thing that can be done after the fact is that an eligible party can file a negligence claim against any and all staff members or officials deemed responsible for their family member’s suffering.

In worst cases, people who entrusted their care to nursing home staff members suffered fatal injuries because of outright physical abuse or other substandard care. Any loss of a loved one is sorrowful, but grief is often intensified in situations where deaths could have easily been avoided. It is understandable that immediate family members would want to seek recovery for their losses in court.

Rhodes Law Firm, LLC, in Wyoming, is committed to seeking justice on behalf of any person injured through nursing home negligence. An initial consultation can help determine how best to proceed to take immediate action and pursue the maximum compensation available for damages in a particular case. Nothing can replace the loss of a loved one, but it is right and just that negligent parties be held legally accountable for their actions.