Woman seeks jury trial for nursing home negligence

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2018 | nursing home negligence

Many senior citizens in Wyoming are no longer able to care for themselves at home. Various types of medical or mental health conditions often prompt moves to assisted living facilities. Sadly, nursing home negligence plagues many such residences, as made evident by a recent case in another state. 

A woman living in an assisted living center filed a complaint in a county circuit court earlier in April. She has named the retirement facility and its administrator as defendants, claiming failure to hire and train workers who are properly equipped and prepared to provide high quality care to residents who live there. She claims her own health suffered significant decline due to nursing negligence. Thankfully, the woman survived her injuries, as nursing neglect throughout the nation often has fatal results that leave families feeling devastated and helpless that they were unable to save their loved ones.

The woman reportedly suffered bed sores and several falls when staff members failed to address her needs. In fact, she says her overall health and well-being were adversely affected by lack of care and attention as would reasonably be expected by any resident at the facility. Her claim also asserts that officials failed to monitor symptoms of her health decline.  

The woman in this situation has sought a trial by jury and is seeking compensation for damages as well as any other relief deemed appropriate by the court. Similar situations often lead to litigation in Wyoming. Successful claims sometimes spark protocol or regulation changes to prevent other nursing home negligence incidents from occurring in the future.  

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