Nursing home negligence may have caused fatality

On Behalf of | May 23, 2018 | nursing home negligence

A woman in another state said her grandmother was about two years shy of becoming a centenarian. Sadly, she did not live to age 100, and the granddaughter believes that is the fault of the nursing her where she lived at the time. In fact, the decedent’s granddaughter has filed a lawsuit, alleging that nursing home negligence caused her grandmother’s death. Wyoming families worried about possible neglect where elderly relatives are concerned may wish to follow this case.

The elderly woman reportedly suffered from dementia. She was also wheelchair-bound. Her granddaughter says nursing home staff members left her outside in 91-degree weather for several hours. The plaintiff’s claim states that the patient was not able to speak due to her pre-existing health condition.  

At some point, after being left outside in her wheelchair in extreme heat, she was taken to the hospital. Her body temperature registered 103 degrees. Investigators said they were horrified by visible blisters and severe sunburn on the woman’s shoulders.  The woman’s granddaughter said it was not the first time her grandmother had been left outside, unattended.

She said she had had words with staff members about the problem in the past, and they assured her it would not happen again. The woman expressed frustration that she had entrusted her grandmother’s well-being to professionally licensed caregivers and suffered tremendous loss when they failed to adhere to accepted safety standards. This particular facility has been sued for nursing home negligence multiple times in the past 10 years. Concerned family members of nursing patients in Wyoming may seek legal assistance to further investigate their situations.  

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