Support for victims of nursing home negligence in Wyoming

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2018 | nursing home negligence

It’s understandable that families of victims of substandard assisted living care may get angry and frustrated, especially if their loved ones have suffered physical injuries. Not only can nursing home negligence cause emotional and physical trauma, in worst cases, it can also cause fatality. Wyoming nursing home patients and their families may take comfort in knowing that experienced support is available to help them seek justice regarding improper care.  

Moving to a nursing home is a highly personal, often emotional decision. Every patient must rely on nursing staff to help with daily living tasks. While some patients need more assistance than others, all can reasonably expect that staff members are properly trained and will provide quality care according to individual need and accepted safety standards.  

Learning that a loved one has suffered bed sores, malnourishment or other unnecessary trauma can prompt loved ones to seek justice against any and all parties deemed responsible in a particular situation. Adult children often feel upset to begin with that they are unable to be with their aging parents on a daily basis. When a parent suffers physical or emotional injury, an adult child may feel as though he or she should have been able to prevent it.  

The bottom line is that nursing home negligence often goes unnoticed until symptoms of injury become apparent. Sadly, in some situations, a fatality may have already occurred. Families can fight against substandard nursing home care by filing personal injury claims in civil court. Rhodes Law Firm, LLC is committed to support Wyoming families who have suffered damages at the hands of licensed nursing professionals.