Nursing home negligence reportedly problematic at one facility

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2018 | nursing home negligence

Many Wyoming families understand the frustration, anger and feelings of betrayal that set in when those obligated to provide assisted living care fail in their responsibilities. Nursing home negligence often results in serious injuries to patients. Sadly, some injuries are fatal.

The former administrator of a facility in another state is currently under investigation for a situation involving a patient. The Department of Health issued a public statement, saying it is aware of the abuse allegations against the former nursing home official and is actively investigating the situation. This is apparently not the first time suspicious events have occurred at this particular nursing home.

In the past two years, two of the facility’s residents have died. Since many nursing home residents are elderly and often have adverse health conditions, it is not unusual to people to pass away in residence; however, both elderly patients in these situations died of unnatural causes. The New York State Department of Health provided the public with a telephone number so those with information about possible abuse situations at the nursing facility can call to report what they know. This information may help investigators.

Wyoming families who suffer because of nursing home negligence may seek justice through the civil claims process. Additional defendants are often added to such claims beyond those who actually committed abuse, such as nursing home officials who failed to protect residents from abusive or negligent employees. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide strong support in these types of troubling situations.