Understand top quality care to avoid nursing home negligence

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2018 | nursing home negligence

Entrusting a parent to the care of professional assisted living providers can be a highly emotional, stressful experience. Nursing home negligence is often a major concern of adult children in Wyoming whose parents are no longer able to live independently. By learning more about the top qualities the best nursing homes in the nation typically have in common, it may be easier to avoid facilities that are high-risks for substandard care.

The best nursing homes in the nation usually have staff members who are cheerful, caring and patient with residents, no matter what type of special needs a particular resident might have. If a nurse or other worker who has firsthand contact with residents seems to get agitated easily or generally acts grumpy or stoic, it may be a sign that the care provided is not of the highest quality. If a resident becomes nervous, introverted or extremely upset when a particular worker is nearby, it definitely warrants further investigation.

High-quality care facilities typically offer a variety of social, physical and educational activities to those who are mentally and physically able to participate. In fact, some of the best nursing homes also provide opportunities for residents to go out into their communities to shop, attend special events or visit local attractions. The condition of the facility itself is also significant when trying to determine whether a nursing home is providing quality care.

If residents’ rooms are dirty or common areas appear unsanitary, not only might it be a sign of substandard performance but may also be cause for filing a formal complaint. Nursing home negligence can result in serious illness, injury or, in worst cases, even death. Anyone concerned about a particular Wyoming nursing home may wish to discuss the matter with an experienced personal injury attorney.