Nursing home negligence: A problem that shouldn’t exist

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2018 | nursing home negligence

When you helped your aging parent transition to a full-time assisted-living residence, you assumed he or she would encounter various challenges while adapting to a new lifestyle. Perhaps your parent was used to living independently, so you knew it would take a while to get used to having to depend on licensed medical professionals for his or her daily needs. However, one problem you did not expect to face is nursing home negligence. Sadly, if you are currently in a situation where you think your loved one is being mistreated, you are definitely not along in your struggle, as many other Wyoming families have experienced similar problems in the past.

One thing you undoubtedly don’t want to do is ignore your suspicions. There is no harm in conducting further investigation if a particular issue is troubling you. However, your family member’s well-being may be at risk if an undiscovered problem is not addressed directly and promptly.

Substandard care is never acceptable. Unfortunately, it is the cause of many illnesses, injuries and fatalities throughout the nation every year. You have every right to ask as many questions as you deem necessary to obtain explanations for any situation that has caused your loved one distress.

At Rhodes Law Firm, LLC in Wyoming, our highest priority is providing full legal support to any and all clients facing nursing home negligence problems. Your family member’s safety and well-being are important. Our experienced legal team is fully committed to helping you seek justice for any and all damages your loved one has suffered due to substandard nursing care. Support is provided on a contingent basis, meaning you pay nothing unless and until our attorneys obtain a verdict or settlement on your behalf.