Daughter blames nursing home negligence for mother’s injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2018 | nursing home negligence

Helping a parent transition to life in a Wyoming nursing home can be an emotionally fragile and challenging experience. Adult children want to provide love and support to their aging parents, which often includes entrusting their daily care to others. If such others include licensed professionals who fail to act according to protocol and accepted safety standards, adult children may find themselves filing nursing home negligence claims, as a woman in another state has done.

The woman is distraught that her mother suffered not one, but several falls while residing in a nursing facility. Sadly, the elderly woman suffered multiple fractures as a result of those incidents. In the daughter’s claim, the woman asserts that had nursing staff provided appropriate nursing and health care services, her mother may have avoided injury.

It is also claimed that nursing homes are obligated to promote enhancement of quality of life for their patients, a duty in which, the daughter alleges, her mother’s caregivers failed miserably. While it may unrealistic to expect that a nursing home patient should never suffer a fall or become injured, it is certainly reasonable to expect that caregivers are doing everything they can to help avoid such accidents, especially in accordance with state laws. Noncompliance is inexcusable.

The plaintiff has requested a jury trial and will be represented by a team of attorneys in court. Anyone considering filing similar nursing home negligence claims in Wyoming may also want to enlist support from experienced personal injury attorneys. A successfully navigated claim may result in recovery of monetary damages and also help to avoid similar problems for other nursing home residents in the future.