Decedent’s estate claims nursing home negligence caused death

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | nursing home negligence

Many adult children in Wyoming have parents living in nursing homes. While this may prompt changes and challenges in their visiting schedules, it is still possible for children and aging parents to enjoy time together and for elders to get the care they need to help them have as high quality of lives as possible, even if they have physical or mental conditions that impede their ability to function independently. Families often must rely on nursing home staff members to help them achieve these goals; sadly, nursing home negligence often reduces quality of life.

In fact, in worst cases, substandard nursing care results in death, as the estate of a woman in another state claims it did in her case. The elderly woman reportedly suffered several injuries at the hands of her caretakers, which ultimately led to her death, according to a recently filed complaint. The wrongful death claim seeks a monetary judgment for damages that include loss of companionship, comfort and care for the three adult children who survive their mother, as well as funeral expenses and other costs related to the tragedy. 

Two incidents in particular are said to have been causal factors in the woman’s death. The first occurred when a worker allegedly refused to provide oxygen to the woman when she complained she could not breathe as the staff member had removed her oxygen equipment to help her use a bed pan. This prompted an emergency room visit when the woman suffered respiratory distress. On another occasion, nursing staff used a vacuum to clean an open abdominal wound the woman had but supposedly failed to remove the hose after turning it off, which led to infection, sepsis and ultimately, death.

Nursing home negligence is typically a problem that is easily preventable, which makes such incidents all the more tragic. If a Wyoming resident suspects a loved one is suffering from neglect in an assisted living facility, steps can be taken to further investigate the situation. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide guidance and support in such situations.