Facility in another state, cited for nursing home negligence

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2019 | nursing home negligence

If an adult child suspects that his or her parent is not being properly taken care of in a Wyoming nursing home, it’s possible to further investigate the matter and tap into legal resources available, as needed, to rectify the situation. Sadly, many incidents occur in this state and others where such situations are discovered only after it is too late. A man in another state, for instance, is grieving the loss of his father, who reportedly passed away from a sepsis infection that may have been caused by nursing home negligence.

The man said that emergency room workers told him that the bed sores they found on his father’s body were the worst they had ever seen on a patient in that particular nursing home. The man’s father had been a patient at the facility for several months during recovery from a stroke. When he entered the nursing home, his medical records show he did not have any bed sores.

The man’s father died approximately two weeks after being admitted to the hospital with bed sores. His death certificate lists sepsis infection as the likely cause of death. Hospital officials contend that the infection was a direct result of the bed sores he suffered from alleged substandard care at the nursing facility. This particular facility has received several citations for protocol violations that include not protecting or preventing patients from bed sores.

Nursing home negligence is a significant concern in Wyoming and many other states. Families whose loved ones suffer death or injury in such situations often feel angry and frustrated when they learn that their family members need not have suffered had those providing care done so according to accepted safety standards and state regulations. Such incidents often lead to litigation when recovering victims or immediate family members of deceased victims file injury claims in civil court to seek financial recovery for their losses.