Careful choosing can help avoid nursing home negligence

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2019 | nursing home negligence

What should Wyoming residents look for in a good nursing home? No one wants an aging parent or other elderly loved one to be at risk for nursing home negligence. There are definitely issues that are cause for concern when researching available residencies, as well as observations that warrant further investigation for those already living in such facilities.

When the decision is made to transition to a nursing home, family members will want to talk to other patients and family members to get an idea of what the quality of care at a particular facility might be. If people seem to make more negative than positive comments, it might be a sign that everything is not as it should be at the facility in question. Close observation is another valuable tool that can help uncover substandard care. It pays to visit a nursing home several times before deciding if it is the right place for a particular person.

If staff members seem aloof or un-attentive to patient needs, it is definitely cause for concern. Patients should appear well cared for, and surroundings should be neat and clean. Financial issues are also high priorities for most prospective residents, as well as handicap access, social activities offered and the ability to meet a resident’s dietary needs.

Sadly, nursing home negligence results in injury and, in worst cases, death to many Wyoming residents. There are elder law attorneys who know exactly what to do if a problem situation arises. An experienced attorney can help concerned families protect their elderly loved ones’ rights and best interests.