Protect vulnerable Wyoming residents from nursing home negligence

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2019 | nursing home negligence

Before 2019 comes to an end, many Wyoming residents will help their aging parents transition into nursing homes. The reasons that prompt such decisions may vary but most involve a mother’s or father’s inability to continue to function on a daily basis in an independent living environment. Nursing home negligence is problematic in this state and many others, and adult sons and daughters of patients will want to be on their guard to protect their loved ones from injury.

Negligence in nursing facilities comes in many forms. Many elders suffer economic loss when they are scammed by people who pretend to have their best interests in mind. Others may be at great risk for physical injury if there is an abuser on the payroll in a particular nursing home. Not all abuse leaves physical marks, however, so it is equally important to pay close attention to an aging parent’s emotional and mental well-being and to further investigate any signs of trouble.

Swift action can save lives when it comes to suspected nursing negligence. If you visit your parent in a nursing home, and he or she seems to be afraid, excessively irritable or moody, or has suffered an unexplainable injury, it definitely warrants immediate inquiry. For instance, if your loved one has suffered a fall, it is imperative to learn if he or she was left unattended at the time.

Sadly, nursing home negligence has led to fatalities in many situations. Rhodes Law Firm, LLC, in Wyoming is committed to protecting the rights of patients and their families. Such rights include issues regarding finances, patient privacy, full disclosure regarding fees and medical care. If you believe your loved one is at risk because of substandard care, you may schedule a meeting to discuss the situation and obtain support to investigate injuries or suspected neglect.