Nursing home negligence a continuing problem

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2019 | nursing home negligence

When a Wyoming resident moves into a nursing home, he or she has a right to reasonably expect that care providers will take care of his or her needs according to the highest level of accepted safety standards. Nursing home negligence should not be a problem. Sadly, however, not only is it problematic in this state and elsewhere, in worst cases, it often leads to patient deaths.

A woman in another state has filed a lawsuit against a particular nursing home. The woman is administrating the estate of a former patient who suffered dehydration, malnutrition, sepsis and, ultimately, death at the facility. The patient was there for rehabilitation and daily living assistance.

The lawsuit asserts that the patient died of adverse health conditions that were a direct result of substandard care. The nursing home will have the opportunity to refute accusations of reckless misconduct, negligence and wrongful death. The plaintiff is seeking monetary damages, including court costs and attorney fees. In such cases, the plaintiff must provide evidence that negligence took place and that it was a direct cause of an injury or death that occurred.

It is tragic when nursing home negligence leads to a fatality in Wyoming or anywhere else. When a case is successfully litigated, it often leads to a judgment for monetary damages. State licensing authorities may also issue fines or citations against a facility or, in some cases, order a shut down. Any patient or family member of a patient who suspects that injuries have been caused by nursing negligence can request a meeting with an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss how to seek financial recovery for damages.