Another nursing home negligence case

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | nursing home negligence

Many Wyoming nursing home patients need medication on a regular basis. It is critical that caregivers adhere to stringent protocol and regulations that govern dispensation of medication to avoid making errors. Nursing home negligence involving medication can be life-threatening to a patient.

In one woman’s case in another state, the problem was not that incorrect medication had been given to her. The now-deceased woman’s daughter says that the  problem was that no licensed caregiver was supervising her mother’s intake of medicine. In fact, she was not taking her pills at all; she was hoarding them.

The daughter went to the nursing home to collect her mother’s belongings after she died. She had suffered a recent fall but an autopsy showed the fall merely exacerbated other issues, including cardio disease. The daughter was aghast to find hundreds of pills stashed in socks in her mother’s pocketbook because she had already brought the issue to administrators’ attention some time ago and thought it had been resolved. At that time, she had found pills in her mother’s bra. After the woman died, the question arose as to whether her life might have been saved if she had taken her much-needed medication.

A nursing home official was equally dumbfounded when the daughter showed her the stash of pills. The daughter claimed that the facility had committed fraud because her mother’s insurance company was billed for medication she never even took. The owner of the facility responded to correspondence from the decedent’s daughter, saying the facility would do all it can to properly address the issue. However, this particular nursing home has been cited for violations in the past. Any Wyoming resident facing similar problems regarding nursing home negligence may wish to ask an experienced personal injury law attorney to review his or her case.