Siblings say nursing home negligence caused mother trauma

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2019 | nursing home negligence

When an aging parent must transition to assisted living, it can take an emotional toll on the whole family. It is often difficult for adults sons and daughter to entrust their parents’ well-being to others. Sadly, nursing home negligence is a problem in Wyoming and elsewhere that is preventable and should not happen, but does.

A recent case involved a 91-year-old woman who reportedly suffers from dementia. Most of the staff members where she resides are aware of her distaste of hospital gowns. In fact, the gowns cause her high levels of anxiety.

The woman’s son and daughter have filed a lawsuit on their mother’s behalf. The claim was filed after two nursing home workers filmed their mother and posted it on Instagram. In the video, the patient seems distraught, waving her arms wildly while the employees appear to taunt her with a hospital gown. The woman’s children say they immediately reported the issue and were frustrated and angry that nursing home officials were slow to take action against the workers.

In their nursing home negligence claim, they are seeking approximately $1 million in damages. The plaintiffs assert that their mother suffered serious emotional trauma that has not subsided since the incident took place. Anyone in Wyoming concerned about nursing negligence issues may request a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss his or her situation. An attorney can review a case and help determine whether there are grounds for filing a negligence claim in a civil court.