There is absolutely no excuse for nursing home negligence

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2019 | nursing home negligence

Some Wyoming residents are more vulnerable than others. Elderly people are also often prone to illness or injury, which in some circumstances may lead to the need for a nursing home. If an elder suffers from dementia, he or she may be at risk for any number of problems, including nursing home negligence.

Negligent care in a nursing home should never occur. Workers are trained (or should be) to handle special needs situations. Mental illness can definitely make caring for patients challenging; however, under no circumstances is it acceptable to abuse a patient or provide substandard care.

A nursing home resident would be vulnerable if he or she fully depends on care providers but they fail to carry out their duties according to accepted safety standards. An example of this would be leaving a patient who requires ’round the clock supervision unattended in a courtyard or hallway. Many patients rely on nurses to help them move around each day because they can’t do so without assistance.

If workers know a patient needs to be turned but they ignore the need, it could be grounds for a nursing home negligence lawsuit if the patient suffers infection from bed sores or another problem. This is why any injury or illness should be fully investigated to rule out negligence as a possible cause. If a family member believes a loved one has suffered injuries because a Wyoming nursing home or one of its employees was negligent, it certainly  warrants inquiry and may constitute grounds for taking legal action against the facility, an employee or both.