Nursing home negligence likely the cause of man’s death

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2019 | nursing home negligence

Many Wyoming residents are adult children of parents who currently reside in assisted-living facilities. Some nursing home patients are permanent residents in their facilities, while others stay on a temporary basis, such as during recovery after a serious surgery or accident-related injury. A woman in another state said her 66-year-old father had been doing superbly well after a recent kidney transplant but apparent nursing home negligence turned his successful recovery into tragedy.

The man had a fistula in his forearm due to a dialysis catheter. A care and supervision plan was in place that required nursing home staff members to check on the patient every two hours. This system was being used because there is a known risk of hemorrhage with forearm fistulas.

Sadly, video surveillance shows that no one entered the man’s room for at least three hours, at which time he was found lying in a pool of his own blood on the bathroom floor of his room. The man died, and his family has filed a nursing home negligence lawsuit. The man’s grief-stricken daughter said her dad had waited seven years for a kidney and was doing so well in recovery that he was looking forward to going home to watch his favorite soccer team on television.

In Wyoming and many other states, nursing home negligence causes hundreds, if not thousands, of deaths that are entirely preventable. If orders are given that staff members are to check on a particular patient within a certain time period, then said staff members are legally obligated to adhere to the care plan in place. Nothing can replace the loss of a human life; however, immediate family members whose loved ones died because of nursing negligence may seek financial recovery for their losses in a civil court.