Do you have grounds for a nursing home negligence claim?

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2019 | nursing home negligence

As loved ones age, they may find it difficult or impossible to keep living in an independent environment. Many people in Wyoming and elsewhere qualify for assisted living. Once an elderly parent transitions to life in a fully-assisted living facility, his or her adult children may worry about nursing home negligence.

It is definitely not an irrational fear. Sadly, hundreds, if not thousands of people suffer illness or injury every year because of licensed care providers’ negligence. In worst cases, such injuries may be fatal. Not every nursing home resident who has suffered damages because of worker negligence is elderly. Many patients were merely in transition care, perhaps recovering after surgery or a car accident, and needed to stay in a nursing facility until they could return to their own homes.

While it is possible for an injury or illness to occur at any time, it is unacceptable if substandard care is the cause. Every nursing home patient is entitled to the highest quality care available according to state law and accepted safety standards. There is never an excuse for maltreatment or negligence.

Your claims will have to be documented by competent evidence if you plan to file a nursing home negligence lawsuit in civil court. By requesting a meeting with Rhodes Law Firm, LLC, in Wyoming, you can learn exactly what needs to be accomplished, as well as gain support to help you gather evidence to prepare and litigate your case. Knowing that a loved one has suffered because a nursing home worker or administrator did not do his or her job is emotionally upsetting; the good news is that, you do not have to go it alone to seek justice on behalf of your family member.