Decedent’s family says nursing home negligence was cause of death

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2020 | nursing home negligence

When a person resides in a Wyoming nursing and rehabilitation facility, he or she may be staying there permanently or on a temporary basis. If a particular resident has moved into a nursing home at age 80 or beyond, it is likely that he or she was simply unable to continue living an independent lifestyle due to factors associated with the aging process. Many elderly people experience adverse health conditions, including those that impair physical and mental capabilities. What might not be (and should not be) expected, however, is that nursing home negligence might occur to worsen a person’s condition or place his or her life at risk.

A family whose 84-year-old loved one was living in a nursing home in another state has filed a legal claim citing such issues. They have filed a wrongful death lawsuit after their family member resided at the facility for nearly a month. Sadly, he died not long after being transferred to a hospital, and the family’s legal claim states that nursing negligence caused his death.

Nursing staff members are accused of providing substandard care to the elderly man. He reportedly contracted sepsis and was suffering from severe bed sores when he was transferred to the hospital. The man had apparently experienced severe weight loss. The legal claim filed against the nursing home also states that a worker humiliated the elderly patient by performing lewd acts against him.

Proving nursing home negligence is one thing. Proving that it not only occurred but caused a specific person’s death is an even greater legal challenge. When someone in Wyoming files a wrongful death claim in a loved one’s memory, he or she is wise to request guidance and support from an experienced personal injury law attorney. Such an attorney understands what it takes to convince a judge or jury that existing evidence is sufficient to show that named defendants were directly responsible for the fatality that took place.