Nursing home negligence: Issues that warrant investigation

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2020 | nursing home negligence

When a loved one resides in a Wyoming nursing home, it is important to regularly review his or her circumstances to make sure needs are being met and high quality care provided. If something does not seem quite right, it is always best to further investigate the situation. Sadly, many patients suffer serious illness or injury every year from nursing home negligence, and even fatalities have occurred.

Patients suffering cognitive decline are at great risk for negligence and abuse. This is due, in part, to the fact that they are not always aware of their surroundings or coherent enough to file a complaint if they are mistreated. Any sign of neglect or abuse is reason enough to ask questions of administrators.

Some issues that would definitely be concerning include a lack of personal hygiene or foul odor on a patient or in his or her living environment. Soiled bed sheets would also be cause to inquire about cleaning regulations and protocol. If a patient has bed sores or other marks, such as bruises on his or her body, the need for immediate action is apparent.

There is no excuse for nursing home negligence, even if a particular facility is short-staffed and workers are fatigued due to long hours. No question should be left unanswered when the safety and well-being of a patient is at risk. In Wyoming, a personal injury attorney with experience in medical malpractice litigation is a great asset to have on hand when considering a formal complaint.