How many Wyoming facilities affected by nursing home negligence?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2020 | nursing home negligence

There are many nursing homes in Wyoming. Residents in some facilities are elderly people who can no longer live independently due to mental or physical decline. Others may be living in nursing homes on a temporary basis, perhaps recovering from surgery and in need of short-term, rehabilitative care. While most care providers adhere to protocol and act in accordance with the highest level of accepted safety standards, there are also some workers who place residents at risk for nursing home negligence injuries.

There is no excuse for substandard care in an assisted living facility. It does not matter if a particular center is short-staffed or if workers feel overworked. It also does not matter that some residents may be difficult to care for because of special needs such as dementia or simply because they are ornery. None of these issues makes it okay to mistreat those who have entrusted their care to licensed professional care providers.

It is often a family member of a resident who will first notice signs of negligence. When visiting a loved one, a family member might see marks, such as bruises or bedsores, on a resident’s body. Maybe there are no apparent physical injuries but the resident seems agitated or afraid, especially in the presence of a staff member. Another sign might be that bed linens smell or appear soiled or the loved one’s room is dirty.

If you suspect your loved one is a victim of nursing home negligence, it is always a good idea to investigate the situation. You can request a meeting with administrators to ask specific questions, such as how an injury occurred or why a loved one was discovered sitting alone in a hallway when he or she is supposed to be supervised at all times. If you are not satisfied with the explanations you are given, you can take further steps to look into the matter. When a nursing home patient suffers illness or injuries due to substandard care, it often leads to litigation. Rhodes Law Firm, LLC is committed to helping protect the rights of nursing home patients in Wyoming.