Nursing home negligence: When state inspections reveal problems

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2020 | nursing home negligence

If Wyoming state inspectors assess the state of a particular nursing home, administrators should have nothing to worry about if the facility is doing its job and is adhering to all state laws and accepted safety standards. Sadly, nursing home negligence is problematic in this state and others. When substandard care is being provided, state inspections might not go so well.

A recent string of inspections in another state revealed several problem issues in a particular facility. The nursing home was cited for having dirty floors and failing to maintain a sanitary, comfortable environment for residents. Inspectors also found that several urinals at the facility were not cleaned in a timely manner. 

An issue that would no doubt disturb patients and their family members has to do with wheelchairs. The inspectors discovered at least two wheelchairs that were soiled, as well as stains on the carpet and walls of the facility. A plan for weekly audits is to be implemented at the nursing home in question in order to create to a safer, healthier atmosphere for patients.

If there are spills on a floor, urine or feces on beds, clothing or wheelchairs, or other unclean conditions in a Wyoming nursing home, patients are at risk for illness or injury. Nursing home negligence is never excusable. Any patient or immediate family member acting on behalf of a patient who is concerned about negligence or abuse may reach out for legal support by requesting a meeting with an experienced personal injury law attorney.