Nursing home negligence: What Wyoming residents should know

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2020 | nursing home negligence

There are any number of reasons a Wyoming family may determine it necessary to help a loved one transition to an assisted living facility. Some older people have medical conditions that interfere with their ability to live on their own. Others have suffered mental decline and must have supervision 24/7. Nursing home negligence is something that should never happen but, sadly, does happen across the country.

Adult children who are visiting various nursing homes to find a residence that is a good fit for their aging parents often pay close attention to the interactions between staff members and residents in such facilities. However, even if a first impression is good, it does not guarantee that a problem will not arise down the line. This is why it is critical for adult children to closely monitor their parents’ conditions and to visit as often as possible to see first-hand whether their needs are being met.

Not all negligence incidents involve physical injury. Many nursing home residents fall victim to verbal and emotional abuse as well. Not providing proper medical care as needed is another big problem that often results in injury or illness to assisted living patients.

If an adult child believes his or her parent is a victim of nursing home negligence in Wyoming, it definitely warrants further investigation. Federal law requires such facilities to protect the rights and safety of their patients. If there is evidence that a worker or administration has been negligent, and that negligence has resulted in physical, emotional or economic damages to a patient, a personal injury claim may be filed in a civil court to seek legal accountability against those deemed responsible.