Nursing home negligence: Wyoming elderly may be vulnerable

On Behalf of | May 21, 2020 | nursing home negligence

When you help an aging parent transition to assisted living, you might have mixed emotions. On one hand, you no doubt take comfort in knowing that your loved one will be in a safe environment with licensed Wyoming caretakers to watch over him or her. He or she won’t be forgetting to turn a stove off at home or wandering out into the neighborhood, not remembering how to get back home. On the other hand, you may have heard about nursing home negligence, perhaps, even know someone whose loved one suffered injury because of it.

This can make it emotionally challenging for you when you know your mother or father needs extra care you are unable to provide but you worry about possible malfeasance. The more often you can visit and observe what is happening in your loved one’s surroundings, the better. It’s also important to further investigate any issue or incident that causes you concern.

Elderly people are among the most vulnerable in society. If caretakers provide substandard care, your parent might go from being vulnerable to becoming a victim. Many negligence injuries are life-threatening. 

At the Rhodes Law Firm, LLC, in Wyoming, an experienced legal team can advocate on behalf of your family if your suspect your loved one has fallen ill or has been injured because of nursing home negligence. There is no excuse for nursing negligence and no reason your loved one should bear the financial burdens that may be associated with a particular incident, such as medical bills, physical therapy or, perhaps, surgery. It is helpful to seek guidance and support from someone well-versed in state laws and nursing home regulations.