Family says nursing home negligence must be addressed

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2020 | nursing home negligence

In Wyoming and across the United States, residents of nursing homes can reasonably expect that staff members will provide the highest quality care in accordance with state laws and accepted safety standards. Nursing home negligence is the cause of thousands of injuries every year. A 75-year-old man’s family in another state is preparing a lawsuit, stating that their loved one was assaulted by another resident due to negligence on the facility’s part.

There is reportedly a video of an assault taking place against the elderly man. The person allegedly perpetuating the assault was his roommate at the time, a much younger man. He is suspected to have assaulted the man more than once.

The elderly man’s family says incidents like this would never occur if staff members were doing their jobs right. The nursing home in question has claimed to have been unaware that the resident was assaulted. The younger man is now in jail. The older man is currently in a hospital recovering from his injuries, which included broken fingers, a broken jaw and several broken ribs.

When a nursing home negligence claim is filed in Wyoming, the offered evidence must document the defendant’s negligence, and also show that the defendant’s actions directly resulted in the plaintiff’s injuries. Emotional trauma, medical expenses, physical injury or illness and economic distress are types of damages that are often listed in such claims. Anyone who wishes to discuss whether he or she has grounds to file a negligence claim my request a meeting with an experienced personal injury attorney.