Nursing home negligence: level of care

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2020 | nursing home negligence

If a Wyoming resident transitions to assisted living in one of the state’s nursing homes, he or she must navigate an application process that can be complex but can also help determine the level of care he or she needs. To qualify for a fully assisted living residence, a person must no longer be able to care for himself or herself in an independent living environment. There may be medical, cognitive, behavioral or functional issues that have prompted a need for assisted care. Sadly, nursing home negligence is problematic throughout the state, and often occurs when care providers disregard the level of care needed for a particular patient.

Many nursing home patient advocates say that part of the problem is a lack of standardization regarding how to determine which level of care a patient needs. Regulations and protocol governing such decisions currently vary by state. Also, a specific, single diagnosis is not always enough to determine what level of care a person needs. For instance, it is not enough to know that a patient has dementia, as there is a host of other issues that must be addressed to determine how much he or she is able to do independently.

When a family entrusts the care of a loved one to nursing home staff, members can reasonably expect that all care providers will act in accordance with state laws to provide the highest quality care available. Problems arise when workers fail in their obligations to do so. Perhaps, a particular patient requires supervision around the clock. If a staff member leaves him or her alone in a hallway or outdoors, it might place him or her at great risk for injury.

If a Wyoming family suspects nursing home negligence as a causal factor in a loved one’s illness or injury, there are steps to take to further investigate the matter and to bring it to the court’s attention, if necessary. An experienced medical malpractice attorney knows what type of evidence is needed to successfully litigate a nursing negligence case. It is wise to seek consultation with an attorney as soon as possible when considering filing a personal injury, medical malpractice or wrongful death claim.