Proving a Wyoming nursing home negligence claim

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2020 | nursing home negligence

No Wyoming resident should ever have to worry that his or her loved one is going to receive substandard care in a nursing home. There are stringent laws and protocols in place that govern the behavior of all licensed care providers. Sadly, however, nursing home negligence is problematic in this state and across the country.

If a person files a legal claim against a nursing home for negligence, as a plaintiff, he or she is tasked with convincing the judge or jury that the offered evidence proves the allegations. It is not enough to show that someone was, in fact, negligent in his or her duties. The plaintiff must also prove that the negligence in question was directly responsible for damages.

It is important that a plaintiff provide the court with an documented list of damages that occurred because of a defendant’s negligence. Such damage may include physical injury but also may include emotional trauma or economic distress as well. In some egregious cases, it is also possible to request punitive damages, which occur if malicious or reckless conduct took place, depriving a patient of his or her rights.

A first, logical step to take when considering filing a nursing home negligence claim in a Wyoming civil court is to ask an experienced personal injury attorney to review one’s case. An attorney can clarify state laws and make recommendations as to what type of evidence would be beneficial toward a successful outcome in court. Relying on skilled advocacy in a courtroom helps make litigation less stressful, especially in cases where there is a high degree of emotional or physical trauma, such as often occurs when a nursing home patient suffers injury because of substandard care.