Signs that a loved one is not receiving quality care

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2020 | nursing home negligence

It can be an incredibly difficult decision to place a loved one in a Wyoming nursing home. If a family makes this choice, it is likely because they can no longer provide care that meets a certain standard at home. While they trust the facility and staff to give all residents quality care, it is still beneficial to know the signs that something could be wrong. This is important as patients may not be able to express concerns themselves.

Patients are in nursing homes because they need care with medication, meeting basic needs and getting from place to place. Negligence can lead to severe emotional and physical consequences, but victims may be afraid to speak out or unsure of what is happening. Families should remain vigilant and look for signs of a problem, such as the development of bedsores.

If a loved one has injuries from falls, it could indicate he or she is not getting appropriate help and support from the staff. Any unexplained injuries or bruising could mean that staff is not supervising patients appropriately or helping them move. Weight loss, sickness, depression and becoming withdrawn may be emotional signs of neglect or even abuse at the hands of Wyoming nursing home staff.

There is no excuse for nursing home negligence of any kind. If a person is suffering from a lack of quality care, his or her family members have the right to pursue legal recourse. It may be appropriate to pursue damages through a civil claim filed against the nursing facility and other parties believed responsible.