What types of injuries could be signs of elder abuse?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | nursing home negligence

It takes a significant amount of trust to place an elderly loved one in the care of another person or facility. When a Wyoming family moves a loved one into a facility or seeks care with an elderly individual, it is with the expectation he or she will receive quality care. Certain types of injuries may indicate that quality care is not given or the elderly individual is experiencing abuse or neglect.

Older individuals are more prone to fall and have accidents, and they are more likely to suffer serious injuries in even a minor fall or incident. However, certain types of injuries may actually indicate that something is wrong. Emergency rooms and medical professionals consider certain types of injuries and damage as a sign of abuse or neglect.

Abuse victims are more likely to experience injuries to their heads and necks without having visible harm to other parts of the body. Abuse victims are less likely to have injuries often associated with falls, such as fractures and scrapes from the waist down. A regular pattern of injuries to the left cheek may be a sign of abuse as abusers are more like to be left-handed.

It is not always easy to recognize signs of elder abuse. If a Wyoming family suspects something is happening to a loved one, it is beneficial to seek legal guidance regarding a potential civil claim. An evaluation of the case and the types of injuries a person suffered could determine if there is reason to be concerned and move forward in pursuit of justice.